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An historic of this blog, its new features and page redesigns, with examples. For a more technical changelog, go to GitHub releases.

☙ 2024 ❧

☙ 2023 ❧


    • Changelog: Show the latest changes on the about page.
    • System theme: A new option to switch between light and dark mode based on your system theme ☞
    • Rss feed: If you don't want to miss anything, subscribe!
    • About page: Added with the legal notice.
    • Source button: Added on entries images.


    • Navigation buttons: Added a back to top and a return home button.


    • New design: A simpler, neater design.
      A screenshot of this blog's homepage



    • Tag pages: For a given tag, retreive every blog entries tagged ☞ See an example.
    • Tags: now blog entries can have tags, you can go to a tag page by clicking on them ☞

      web development, coffee

    • Dark mode: switch between light and dark mode in one click ☞


    • Creation: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an Astro Blog!
      A screenshot of this blog's homepage

☙ 2020 ❧

  • Legacy: My website was a simple HTML/CSS page presenting myself, with a language selector in JS. View source code.
  • Screenshot of my old website